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Haynes Showers

Frameless glass showers bring a feeling of space and luxury to your bathroom. Our showers are constructed with 10 - 12mm toughened safety glass. We use premium quality hardware and select our channel to minimise the amount of visible silicon in the grouting process.

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In Line Showers

In line showers are typically one or two side panel returns with a door hinged either to the wall or one of the side panels.This shower works most effectively in an alcove or recess. Inline showers separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom with the frameless effect maintaining the feeling of space inside the shower.


Box & Neo Angle Cubicles

The most common shower we install at Haynes is the traditional shaped rectangular shower. This shower is best for maximising your area inside the shower whilst the frameless glass look is timeless and maintains the feeling of space in the bathroom. A rectangular corner shower is great for bathrooms that can afford some space and will make the shower itself much more comfortable.

The idea behind a Neo-angled shower is that it saves on space with an angled front so does not have as much floor coverage as a standard shower cubicle.


Sliding Door Showers

Sliding door showers are constructed with a single glass door panel suspended on runners from a larger shaped side panel. A sliding shower eliminates the 'eye-level' hinges and also solves the problem of a glass door swinging into the room and either banging into objects or cramping the bathroom. There is however a minimum with to accommodate the sliding and fixed panels. In most circumstances we like at least a 1200mm opening.


Single Screen Showers

Haynes basic shower screens are minimalistic, large glass panels secured into channel. Single screens maintain space inside the shower and reduce the amount of glass needed with less of an emphasis on the functional aspects of a full shower enclosure. For that reason the cost and simplicity of a single screen shower can be lower and is great in the correct setting. They are simple stylish shields to divide the shower from the rest of the bathroom.


At Haynes we provide a no obligation, free on site measure and quote in the greater Auckland area. Our consultants are always happy to help identify and solve your glass requirements. Armed with the knowledge, Matt and Mitch dart all over Auckland offering quotes, sourcing products and arranging the people to finish the job.. With urgency. True all rounders, they'll help with your vision and find what you want! Alternatively, send us a message and we will promptly be in touch.



If you have plans on hand, or are just looking for an idea on glass costs, simply call us, arrange a consultation, send us your plans or bring them into the showroom and we will happily tend to your enquiries and get you accurate job quotations. We are competitive, great value and are transparent with jobs and their breakdowns.



There are a number of elements to constructing a shower so it takes a team with knowledge and pride in their craft to deliver the premium quality showers, on schedule that really add value to your bathroom. With over two decades of experience we have learnt what it takes to deliver. Care, neat silicon work and fine attention to detail is what you can expect in every Haynes shower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process? Where do I start?

To get started, contact us for either a quote over the phone, a quote via email (provide us with the dimensions or send plans), or arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you have a less than straightforward bathroom design, or a number of technical questions, it is highly advised to meet with a consultant. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure. Glass is then cut to the accurate measurements, edges polished and the glass is toughened for safety. When the glass is ready we call you to arrange the shower install.

How long does it take?

The process from final measure to installation takes 7-10 working days. Installation is normally completed over two visits, one to set up and one to install.

What preparations do I need to make for a final measure?

For most preparations the bathroom should be waterproofed and you should have your tiles laid before the final measure. However sometimes we can lay channel directly to the waterproofing and you can tile around it for a more discrete look. This process takes a little extra in planning, but can achieve a nice result.

Are there special coatings that can be applied that help keep the glass cleaner?

Yes. We often treat showers with the Diamond Fusion - Easy Clean process. We dont include this in the quote, but can be added on special request.

Are there different hinges and handles to choose from?

There are a number of handles we offer and two types of hinges. Please refer to our brochure or view examples in our Trugood Drive showroom. All are available in polished chrome, brushed chrome or matte black finishes.

What is the warranty on a Haynes shower?

We provide a 5 year warranty on hardware and a 10 year guarantee on workmanship.

Do you have a supply only option?

Yes. If you provide us with the measurements we can provide the glass and hardware. We strongly recommend installation by an experienced installer however. We take all care but no responsibility with regards to the supplied pannels fitting and shower functionality. We will offer advice on measuring.

How much does a Haynes shower cost?

As Haynes showers are all custom sizes and styles we quote them on a job by job basis. We can discount the packages if there are a number of showers, or additional mirrors and splashbacks.

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Haynes Glass is a full service glass, glazing and glass related products company. We began in 1993 as a small family business based in Howick. Over the past two decades, through innovation, hard work and dedication, Haynes Glass has grown into a glazing company capable of undertaking both small and large scale projects. A registered member of the Glass Association of New Zealand (GANZ), we are proud to efficiently service the whole of Auckland and can supply our products to the whole of New Zealand.

The team at Haynes strive to offer truly exceptional value for the best quality glass products. Whether you need a broken window replaced, a kitchen splashback, new mirrors or a new shower for your bathroom, our team has a solution!

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