Broken Window Replacement

We offer broken window replacement services throughout Auckland. Our options include regular glass and safety glass in various styles, such as clear, obscure, sandblasted, mistlite (frosted), tinted, reflective, opalescent, reeded (fluted), and stippolite. If safety glass needs to be processed and there is a wait time, we will securely board up the window to ensure safety. We replace broken glass for windows, doors, and screens in both residential and commercial settings.

Haynes Glass

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Servicing Auckland for over 30 years. Our glaziers are equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out prompt new glazing work or glass repairs. Our staff take pride in their professionalism and are proficient in all forms of glazing, so your glass will be replaced in the fastest possible time!

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Safety Glass

Haynes always glaze in strict accordance with NZS4223 - Human Impact Safety Requirements. In some cases (especially in bathrooms and high traffic areas) safety glass is required. You can generally identify whether your broken glass is saftey glass as toughened glass will shatter into small fragments and laminated glass tends to crack but stay held together with its thin interlayer of plastic.

Insurance Claims

Most types of glass breakages around the house are covered under your home and contents policy. We deal with all the major insurance companies so if youve had an accident and its covered, simply provide us with your policy and claim number then we will handle the rest.

Range of Glass Types

We stock and supply all modern styles of glass including clear, frosted, opaque laminate, textured patterns, tinted / uv rated glass and two-way reflective. (Note: some older patterns may be discontinued)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to book a reglaze, table top or new cat door?

The fastest and easiest way to get someone around to fix a broken window or cat door is to call us up on 0800 580 680 between 8am and 4pm. We will get you a quote over the phone and can make a booking there and then. For table tops, contact us with your sizes and let us know if a template or shape is required. We will give you an estimate and give advice as to which type of glass is most suitable.

What shapes can you cut for a table top?

We can cut most geometric shapes and patterns or round corners on the glass. The best thing to do in the case of a more complex pattern is to bring in a cardboard or mdf template for us to make the shape to.

Can you just supply the glass?

Yes, we can supply glass cut to size and have it ready for you to pick up from our factory. We also offer a delivery service for the Auckland area at a good price.

I'm not sure if I need safety glass. How can I find out?

For broken glass, an easy way to tell is in the way it has shattered. Toughened glass shatters into many tiny little pieces. Laminated glass will break into shards but generally stay held together by the clear inner film. Ordinary glass breaks into shards and will fall from the frame. Unbroken safety glass around the house will normally have a safety glass stamp. If you are still unsure or have new windows or doors to be glazed, simply let us know the size and location in the house and we will advise over the phone or via email (bathroom windows almost always require safety glass).

What brands of cat door do you install?

We usually install 'Catwalk' brand, but can also supply and install your own. There are three common sizes available. From small cats through to small dogs. For more information on the cat doors visit:

Can you cut holes or install a cat door into an existing piece of glass?

We can cut holes into existing class for cat doors, provided the glass isn't safety glass. While we have an very high success rate with cutting holes into existing glass, we take 'all care, no responsibility' for the existing glass breaking.

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Why choose Haynes


Members of the glass association of New Zealand (GANZ), we take pride in our standard of safety and always glaze in accordance with the latest NZ building codes. We provide producer statements for our glass projects on request.

Problem Solvers

Faced with a challenge, we apply a combination of experience, intuition and logic to come up with our glazing solutions. Our team stays current with the latest advancements and techniques in the glazing industry, allowing us to tackle complex projects with confidence and efficiency.


We embrace the exploration of fresh ideas, engaging in meaningful discussions about potential enhancements and expanding upon them. With a keen eye for aesthetics, we strive to incorporate new elements of glass design, leveraging its versatility to bring an added touch of modernity to our projects.

Hard Workers

We have a bunch of hardworking employees who start their days at the crack of dawn. With a commitment to punctuality, we often rise in the early hours or work late to ensure timely project completion. Our flexible schedule contributes to the company's reputation for reliability and dependability.

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