Shower Hardware

Premium quality and smooth functionality. Available in a range of colours and styles.

Hinges / Sliding System / Handles / Shelves

Two Way Hinges

Premium Materials

Our hinges are forged from the highest quality brass and stainless steel materials. Sturdy, solid and heavy with extreme water resistence

Smooth Operation

The spring system inside the hinge allows for a smooth motion which settles into position flush with the side panels. Glass to wall and 135 degree hinges are also available
glass to glass hinge

180 Degree Motion

The hinges allow the door to swing inwards or outwards. Always a handy function to suit a unique or smaller bathroom layout

Range of Colours

All of our hinges and handles come standard in chrome or black, but they can also be plated in nickel or brassy tones to suit various bathroom colour schemes

Sliding System

Space Saving

The overlapping nature of a sliding system requires far less space in the bathroom to accommodate a door (as with a screen), but retains the water leakage prevention of an enclosure

Contemporary Design

The latest styles on the market, our sliding systems are customisable, they look modern and have a quality feel
shower sliding system

Premium Materials

Premium materials and smart functional design combine for the smoothest operation. Using our roller and door stop system just feels quality

Range of Colours

Our sliding system comes standard in chrome or black, but as with our hinges can be powdercoated nickel or gold tones to suit your bathroom

Knobs and Handles

Our handles, channel and hinges are available in polished chrome, satin, brushed steel, black or a brass/gold finish.

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