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Showers & Screens

Timeless, luxurious and accurately installed shower enclosures and bathroom screens. Made to measure and installed with a range of hardware options and easy to clean coatings. Available in standard, ultra clear, reeded and frosted glass.

frameless glass shower


Sliding Door Systems

Sliding door showers are classy, modern and practical. There are no hinged doors to invade bathroom space and no open gaps to let the water out. A sliding shower eliminates the 'eye-level' hinges and without the glass door swinging into the room, access is extremely simple. A minimum width of 1200mm is recommended to accommodate the sliding and fixed panels with a fair sized opening.
sliding door shower
Sliding Door Showers

Hinged Door Enclosures

Constructed as a box/cubicle or in-line in an alcove, a premium double action hinge enables the door to swing both inwards or outwards depending on the surrounds and ease of access. The door width is customisable to work around constraints and the fully enclosed design makes for a cozier shower experience. Hinges are sturdy, high quality, smooth closing and available in a range of finishes.
frameless glass shower
Hinged Door Showers

Screens and Dividers

Haynes single screens are minimalistic, 10mm thick safety glass panels secured into shower channel. Available frameless or fully framed, single screens maintain space inside the shower and reduce the amount of glass needed. With our chrome, black or gold channel and intelligent use of lighting, a glass screen divider can be an excellent contemporary feature adding to your bathrooms value.
shower screen
Shower Screens

EverClear Coatings

We offer an optional specially formulated coating system for optimum glass protection. In an EverClear Coated shower, the water rolls down the glass, as opposed to streaking and leaving behind grime and limescale.
everclear glass coatings

Hardware Options

Our channel, hinges and standard handles are available in a range of finishes. This enables us to get a fairly close match to your shower heads and tapware. We recommend viewing samples in person when attempting to match something exactly.
hinges handles and channel
Shower Hardware

Our Showers



In the majority of cases the bathroom should be waterproofed and you should have your tiles laid before the final measure. However sometimes we can lay channel directly to the waterproofing and you can tile around it for a more discrete look. This process takes a little extra in planning, but can achieve a nice result.


Glass Types

We commonly use 10mm thick toughened safety glass in either clear or ultra clear. Both are a clear glass but ultra clear is manufactured lower in iron, which takes away that mild green tinge making it appear more 'frameless'. Our designer styles include frosted, reeded and tinted glass. These are all becoming more prevalent in todays new homes as a point of difference.


Size Limits

Shower panels can be made floor to ceiling and the only real limiting factor on maximum glass size tends to be whether the glass can physically fit in the room and be maneuvered into place. Some larger panels require additional bracing for rigidity. This is usually achieved through the use of shelves or overpanels.


Special Coatings

We offer an Everclear solution for lasting water protection. This is applied by Haynes Glass in the factory prior to installation (or on site) and bottles of Repel for maintenance are available for purchase.


Supply and Delivery

If you provide us with exact measurements we can supply the glass and hardware directly. We try to help as much as we can and provide advice but take no responsibility with regards to the supplied panels fitting snugly and shower functionality due to a bad measure.



We provide a 5 year warranty on glass and hardware and a 10 year guarantee on workmanship.

For details and conditions visit our shower warranty page.


The Process

  • Measure + Quote
  • Glass Processing
  • Installation
Contact us for either a quote over the phone, a quote via email (provide us with the dimensions or send plans), or arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you have a more complicated bathroom layout, custom heights or a number of technical questions it is highly advised to meet with a consultant. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure.
Glass is then cut to the accurate measurements, edges polished and the glass is toughened for safety. In most cases we use 10mm clear glass, but it is possible to select ultra clear, frosted, tinted and reeded glass.
Our team will call you to make an initial visit to install the channel and a side panel (if there is a hinged door). In a subsequent visit (typically in the following day or two) we line up and install remaining panels, hang the door and attach any additional shelves or overpanels. Some jobs (such as single screens) can be installed in one visit.

View more of our showers in the gallery:

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