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Aluminium Post Balustrades

Cost effective, sturdy and versatile. Quality at an excellent price. A range of styles are available with semi-frameless, framed and incorporated handrail options

post balustrade

Framed or semi frameless. Precision + Design

The premium post system provides a barrier with minimal obstruction to your view. The clean lines of the exposed top and lower edges of the glass capture the frameless look of our other styles, but are typically more friendly on the wallet. For the lowest cost option, we offer the same style system encorporating a matched handrail so that regular toughened safety glass can be used.

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Post Systems


Made tough. Assembled to last

Post balustrades can be used in residential or commercial settings. From single residences and apartment buildings to offices and high rises. There are matched gates for pool fencing.


Multiple Applications

Post balustrades can be used in residential or commercial settings. From single residences and apartment buildings to offices and high rises. There are matched gates for pool fencing.



Post balustrades are constructed from high strength aluminium with stainless steel fasteners and either a powdercoated or anodized finish. All of our balustrades comply with the NZ building code.


Custom Options

Available in anodized or a selection of custom powdercoated finishes to suit any deck. All of the post styles can be used for balconies and pool fences in both top-mount and face-fixed options.



Post Styles


Glass spans between two posts and is held in place by slotted recesses in the posts. The stylish frameless appearance comes from favouring glass over railing and leaving clean exposed top and lower edges. However, as there is no handrail laminated styles of glass must be used to hold glass in place in the event of a breakage.


A unique system with glass spanning between two posts. Like the Vetro system, glass is supported by the recesses in the posts leaving clean exposed top and lower edges. A Spectra system is semi-frameless but the built in rail allows for standard toughened glass panels to be used and reduces the cost.


The most cost effective option, Decor systems are fully framed and allow for glazed safety glass panels. No exposed edges means no additional glass edge processing and a handrail is incorporated for maximum safety.

A wide range of Aluma Balustrading styles are available. The most common glass based styles are shown below but there are more to choose from (including options for post and rail only). Give us a call on 0508 452 777 to discuss all of the options available.

Grades of Safety

Grade 1 - Interlinked Handrail

rail balustrade

Interlinking rail systems allow for regular, cost effective, toughened safety glass to be used. The glass is not required to hold itself together in the (unlikely) event of a breakage as the capping acts as a safety rail.

The 'rail' is connected to each pane of glass and spans the length of the balustrade. A top edge rail capping (or handrail) will protect the edge of the glass but in the event of glass breaking, toughened safety glass will fracture into small safe fragments.

Grade 2 - EVA Glass with Clips

eva laminate balustrade

If the glass breaks, glass fragments remain held in place with clips, firmly secured to the glass. This system is made with 13.2mm Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (EVA interlayer). In the event of the glass breaking, the fragments of glass stay bonded to the interlayer.

The glass in an EVA system retains its clarity after years of exposure. It is extremely durable and resistant to clouding. A handrail, continuous top edge rail or interlinking glass clamps is generally combined with an EVA system. The interlinking clamps or capping will prevent glass collapse in the unlikely case of dual pane fracture.

Grade 3 - Frameless Sentry Glass

sentry glass balustrade

Highly resistance to collapse, Sentry Glass interlayers are five times stronger and up to 100 times more rigid than other conventional interlayers. The interlayer stays together and upright even when both panes of glass have been broken. If the glass ever breaks, fragments remain firmly bonded to the sentry glass interlayer, eliminating glass falling to the ground or over the edge.

The glass retains its clarity, is extremely durable and resistant to clouding. No additional edge clamps or interlinking rails are required with this system.

Colours - Finishes

mannex black Mannex Black
mannex charcoal Mannex Charcoal
mannex grey friars Mannex Grey Friars
mannex ironsand Mannex Ironsand
mannex sandstone grey Mannex Sandstone Grey
mannex silver pearl Mannex Silver Pearl
matt titania Matt Titania
matt appliance white Matt Appliance White
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