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Glass Partitions

Allow the light in and keep the sound out with full height glass partitioning systems from the experts.

Effective design and installation of our glass partitioning systems gives daylight the opportunity to flow throughout your work spaces

People tend to rank both job satisfaction and overall well-being higher if they have good levels of natural light in the workplace. Exposure to daylight improves mood, alertness, and can keep our circadian rhythms well aligned for the right balance of alertness during the day and good sleep at night.

Effective building design gives daylight the opportunity to flow through different interior spaces. Using glass partitions contributes largely to the way natural light in the workplace flows. As a result, providing a more comfortable working environment. Many offices and meeting rooms may require a high level of acoustic privacy. This is often a primary driver when planning interiors and we have systems with varying acoustic grades to suit.

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Variety of Settings

Our growing reputation with glass projects involving complex designs has placed us in high demand for commercial architectural glass in Auckland. We handle a number of internal architectural projects, including office dividers, fully glazed boardrooms, atriums and lift lobbies.

Design to Construction

We follow a structured and professional process when working with you on internal glass projects. Our in-house design team can help with initial concept designs, calculating structural loads and required glass thickness. We will provide a competitive quote and assign our crew and contractors to provide a cost-effective solution that’s on time and on budget.