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On Point Precision Meets Intelligent Design

At Haynes Glass, we prioritize quality for your home, handpicking the finest materials to create quality fixtures like frameless shower enclosures, custom-cut mirrors, kitchen splashbacks and glass balustrades that blend design with functionality. Our installation process, executed by skilled professionals, ensures precise alignment, flawless seals, and secure fixing. Going beyond functionality, we recognize glass as a design medium to enhance your living spaces, tailoring solutions that align with your aesthetic preferences. At Haynes Glass, we go beyond ordinary solutions with design and functionality, setting new standards for quality and installation.

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Professional Installation

With a team of expert residential glazing professionals, armed with extensive experience and the latest tools, we provide excellence in project execution. Our client-centric approach involves attentive listening and constant service enhancement, valuing feedback as a cornerstone of our commitment to grow and improve. Recognizing the importance of strict timelines in this field, we strive to meet rational expectations. Our foremost objective is to ensure swift and efficient project completion, upholding quality at every step.

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We're Innovative

We don't just follow the old trends. We love to listen to new ideas, discuss possibilities or improvements and expand on them.

Reputable and Reliable

Members of the glass association of New Zealand (GANZ), we strictly glaze in accordance with the latest NZ building codes. We provide producer statements for our glass projects on request.

Problem Solvers

Faced with any challenge, we apply a combination of experience, intuition and logic to come up with our glazing solutions.


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