matte colour glass splashback
matte glass splashback
matte glass splashback

Matte Colour Glass

Achieve a sleek and contemporary aesthetic with our low-gloss, modern matt glass splashbacks. Say goodbye to annoying reflections and glare, as our frosted surface removes any sheen while offering all the color options of regular glass. Our custom-shaped panels are available in large sizes, and we ensure the highest quality by using toughened, fire-rated glass tailored to your specifications.

Choose from a wide range of colors for your matt glass splashback. We offer an extensive selection that can be matched to popular color palettes from Resene, Dulux, Taubmans, or Pantone. Popular choices include black, grey, charcoal, and white. Even if you prefer a more subtle approach, these cool features will still catch the eye and seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design.

A matt splashback serves as the missing piece in your kitchen's design. It strikes a harmonious balance between being too bold or too mundane, effortlessly blending in with your existing featured elements. If you're seeking an easy yet effective finishing touch, our matt splashbacks are an excellent choice.

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The Colour Selection Process

The color selection process for a new glass splashback involves the consideration of various factors to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design. Below is a short description outlining some of the key steps:

Keep a Consistent Theme

Your choice of cabinets and benchtop will naturally steer you in the direction of some colours over others. You can choose to stay neautral and go with soft, similar or complementary shades. However if the kitchen feels like it is lacking in a feature, go ahead and inject some colour. Brighter, saturated colours work especially well in white kitchens or dark kitchens lacking contrast.

Be Aware of Room Lighting

The lighting in the room plays a big part in colour selection. A dark kitchen may not suit a dark metallic or black as it will close the space in. In small kitchens we generally suggest a lighter colour (or a mirror). Feature LEDS and spot lighting can really show off a colour on the glass, so keep lighting in mind (even at night) when making your selection.

Use Local Colour Ranges

We have a range of colour samples from our own range already painted to glass and available to browse or collect from our showroom. We suggest selecting from Resene or Dulux ranges for custom colours as we have matched many colours from these in the past and keep formulas handy.

Colour Matching Options

We use ultra clear glass for our splashbacks so can match any standard solid colour you bring in to us. We can make up colour samples on request and provide this service for free (for confirmation) if we are doing the job. Keep in mind the 'whitest' whites may take a slightly dulled look with refraction through the glass medium in some lighting situations.

Measure and Quote

We offer a free, no obligation measure and quote in the Greater Auckland region. Contact us for a quote over the phone, via email, or to arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you havent already chosen your colour or design, our consultant will have some samples with them and is experienced to help you in the selection process. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure.


The wall must be generally flat, but not necessarily stopped as the paint or silvering we use is well covered, fully opaque and free of read through. Our consultant can make recommendations on site if anything is necessary. All cupboards benchtops and rangehoods should be installed and in position for a final measure. The glass splashback is typically the last thing to be installed in the kitchen, but you can get the quote and colour selection process under way well before the final measure stage. If its necessary, with a little co-ordinated planning, rangehoods can go up after the final installation (but not after the final measure and before install).


We will call and arrange a time to fit the glass. The installation generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the job. We glue fix splashbacks to the wall and neatly silicon seal the edges. Occasionally it may involve coordination with a plumber if taps require removal, or an electrician if the installation is effected by oven wiring.

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